The Viereckl - Schult Family


Bernese Mountain Dog Breeders

We are a small hobby breeder of AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs! 

 Our Bernese, Miss Penelope aka Penewinkle is the reason we fell in love with Bernese Mountain Dogs.

 Her personality and her ability to bring comfort and happiness to every member of our family is unbelievable. 

After we bought Penelope, we knew we wanted to bring another Bernese into our lives. We could not resist the fluffiness of Auggie! But we did not have a home big enough at the time for two Bernese so we decided to share Auggie with our close family friends. Auggie is a happy pup with three little girls to play with all day.

Of course Auggie & Penelope have puppy play dates all the time and special dates when it's time to mate.

We believe Bernese Mountain Dogs are a one of a kind breed & we want other families to have a furever family member like ours. 


Our Family

We are a small family of 3: Paul, Nathan, & Rebecca! 

We live in Maple Park, Illinois. 

We love to travel but we spend most of our time at home with all of our furry babies.

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